Want to be Part of the Area's MOST SOUGHT AFTER SENIOR EXPERIENCE?!?!


Why do the model program?

-Multiple FREE photoshoots

-Each of our senior models will get to take part in multiple photoshoots

throughout the year in addition to your senior portrait session.

-Model Session (February/March/April)

-Senior Session (Summer)

-Glamour Session

-Creative Sessions

-Destination Shoots

-Sports Posters

-Cap & Gown

-Family Session anytime before Christmas


-Weekend Destination Shoot

-Ultimate Concert Experience

-Most Points

End of the year Gala

At the end of the year, all of our senior models are invited to a party to celebrate the year.

This is a red carpet type event with music and food.

Magazine Submissions

Throughout the year we submit images from our senior model sessions to

various magazines. Each of our senior models has a chance to be featured in a

magazine that is published internationally. We cannot guarantee that your

image will be selected as we are not a part of the submission process.

Rewards Program

These are a few of the points you are able to learn throughout the year:

-Referrals: 100 points per paying senior

-Other Referrals: 100 points for referrals of other services (families, weddings,


-T-Shirt Challenge of IG: 100 points

-Tell your friends to “like” us and “follow” us on social media: 25 points

-Have your sports team use us for team pictures: 100 points

-Tag your friends in a post about our services: 25 points

and many others.

Point Redemption

200 points - $25 cash

400 points - Additional $25 cash

600 points - $50 cash

800 points - $100 cash

1000 points - iPad

Travel Opportunities

Thought the year, we come across cheap airfare to various cities. You will be

invited to join us on these trips if you would like. A parent is required to come

with you on any destination shoot. You will be responsible for your airfare and

we usually split the rest.

We may also be able to meet you while you are on vacation. Let us know

before you go and if it works with the studio schedule, we will try to make it

work. These are separate sessions and cannot be combined with the senior

portrait order.

We will be doing an overseas trip over Spring Break. If you would like to

attend, mark it on your calendars. Information will be released in September.

Sound Good?

Contact Studio for further details at: 970-389-2784.

. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you!




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