My very first....and probably not greatest blog

Well……Here goes my first blog.  I wanted to talk about something that I recently experienced and it was a light bulb moment for me.  Recently my lovely assistant/office manager and gorgeous wife Heidi told me about searching for a tutor for our son Brian.  She is looking for a tutor that can help him with learning sign language.  Without going into to many details, none of our family members are hearing impaired.  Brian just wanted to learn sign language.  So Heidi contacted a friend of ours and she put the word out for a tutor. In a short amount of time we had several tutors that contacted us.  One that stood out was the one that wanted to know more about Brian then about teaching him.


This was a key moment for me on how I interview potential clients.  I realized that it was very important to connect with my clients on a personal level first.  We recently received an inquiry for a wedding in Aspen in July.  Before I contacted the bride by phone, I immediately wanted to refer back to the photographer in me on the type of questions I wanted to ask.  I had to remind myself to make a personal connection first.  I have Heidi sit in on all phone calls with me.  Heidi came prepared for the phone call with a list of questions written down on a piece of paper……Here was me with nothing to write on, or questions prepared.  Heidi did a wonderful job speaking with our potential bride.  I of course was able to answer the photography questions and lay out my style, or how I can change up my style.


We hung up with our potential bride and she advised us she wanted to speak with and interview another photographer.  A few days later I received an email from the bride asking more questions about the type of photography she was looking for.  It turns out we like a lot of the same type of images.  So a few days after the follow up questions, I received an email that we were selected as the photographer.  Woohoo!  Success.  I believe we got the job because we both show a passion for working with people and connecting on a personal level.  Oh and I guess it didn’t hurt that I display images from former jobs.


I haven't been much of a writer in the past, but I will work on my blogs.  I plan to put much more content on my site in the coming future.  So until next time.


Jeff Wilson

Creative Director

Jeffrey K Wilson Photography