Shutterfest 2017 and what that means for YOU!

Shutterfest is not your average conference. Take whatever you think of when you think "conference" and kick it out the window! It was indeed an EXPERIENCE! One would hope that it would live up to that expectation after driving 13 hours to St. Louis, 14+ hour days of hands on, lecture, demonstrations, "Rent-A-Human" (models who came to loan their talents in exchange for portfolio building), walking 30,000+ steps in 80+ degree heat in 2 days, squeeze in some sleep here and there and of course, capturing epic imagery! When people work this hard, we play hard too. No stuffy cocktail parties here, we were treated to a 90's theme party with a GREAT cover band and a Lip Synch battle with some of the instructors and other attendees. 

So while that might be fine and good for us, what does that mean for YOU?! This event allowed Jeff and me to have the privilege and opportunity to work closely with internationally recognized masters in their respective fields of photography and business expertise. This in turn allows us to remain on the cutting edge of our field, all the while surrounded by other photographers filled with new and fresh ideas and how best to continue to masterfully craft capturing lives in moments of time! One of the best parts of this event is being able to receive real time feedback and what we can do to get better, both in artistry and business. Like life itself...our craft is not a destination, but a journey.

We hope you will choose to take part of that journey with us.